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Only 9% corporate income tax from 2019 in Poland

Polish parliament decided to lower corporate income tax rate (CIT) from 15% to 9 %  for small business being subject to corporate tax (limited liability companies and join-stock companies). Currently, the preferential CIT rate is 15%. It is available to small taxpayers and start-up companies. The others pay 19 % CIT. Next year there will

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Types of employment contract in Poland

According to Polish labour law an employment contract can be concluded: for an indefinite term; for a fixed term; for the time it takes to complete a specific task; to replace an employee – in the event of his or her justified absence from work; the employer can hire another worker under a fixed term

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Work permit for foreigners

TYPES OF WORK PERMIT IN POLAND Work Permit A – concerns foreigners working on the territory of the Republic of Poland, basing on an agreement with an entity whose seat or place of residence, branch, facility or other kind of organized activity is located on the territory of the Republic of Poland. Work Permit

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